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Polyurethane Casting

Petroseal manufactures cast polyurethane products such as plates, rollers, rings, bars, tubes, and parts as per customer technical specifications and applicable standards. Custom formulated polyurethane allows the manufacturing of high-quality products with higher resistance and durability.

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Rubber Products

Elastomeric parts play a very important role in the industry and their correct design and measuring is essential to withstand the demands of heavy work such as tightness and strength to chemical products.

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Machined Products

Now a days, machining centers meet a great number of requirements in high-speed machining operations with a high productivity, regardless of the requirements.

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Who we are?

We are a company that manufactures polyurethane, rubber, and machined products. Our main purpose is to pay special attention to our customer needs and commit ourselves to meeting the requirements of the industry, by providing an excellent service and high-quality products.

Main Products

  • Polyurethane Casting
  • Rubber Products
  • Machined Products
  • Special products based on customer needs.
  • And more...