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Polyurethane Casting

Petroseal manufactures polyurethane casting
products such as plates, rollers, rings, rods, tubes,
and parts as per customer specifications and
applicable standards.

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Rubber Products

At our line of rubber molded parts, we manufacture
products for different industries such as aerospace,
mining, oil & gas which are subjected to highly
mechanical demands.

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Machined Products

At our in-house Machining Division, we manufacture
parts in different types of steel, bronze, and aluminum of
the highest quality by using premium grade machinery.

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Who we are?

We are a company that manufactures polyurethane, rubber, and machined products. Our main purpose is to pay special attention to our customer needs and commit ourselves to meeting the requirements of the industry, by providing an excellent service and high-quality products.

Main Products

  • Polyurethane Casting
  • Rubber Products
  • Machined Products
  • Special products based on customer needs
  • And more...