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Manufacturing of Rubber Products

Elastomeric parts play a very important role in the industry and their correct design and measuring is essential to withstand the demands of heavy work such as tightness and strength to chemical products. Rubber is a natural or synthetic substance characterized by its elasticity, water repellency, and electric resistance. Today, there is a wide variety of elastomeric materials with a wide range of applications.

In our line of rubber molded parts, we manufacture products for different sectors of the industry such as aerospace, mining, oil & gas, industrial, which are subjected to highly mechanical demands, so it is necessary the use of abrasion-resistant materials and wearresistant materials in some cases, and with a high elongation percentage in others.

The selection of the most adequate material for each one of these applications becomes essential to get optimum results.

At Petroseal, we pay special attention to selecting the most suitable materials to meet customer use specifications. Therefore, we use premium grade raw materials.

We produce molded parts in different materials through a rigorous quality control method and obtain final products that meet varied design specifications such as resistance to petroleum oils, resistance to abrasion, resistance to low temperatures, resistance to weather, high ozone concentrations, mechanical demands, etc.